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The Resident Management Company (RMC) is set up to enable all Lessees to be a member of that company, thus making each Lessee jointly and severally responsible for all the flats and communal areas.  Each owner is often an equal member or shareholder of the RMC and it will be this company that has the responsibility of the operation and management of the whole of the development.

When Lessees take control of their Management Company, it is at this time they will instruct an Agent, like ourselves, to take over all management matters and as a rule; we would take on the role of Company Secretary / Treasurer.

The Directors of the RMC can either be resident owners or absent landlords and these Directors will then represent all of the members and liaise directly with the Managing Agent, to ensure that all obligations under the terms of the lease are carried out.

If a complex is presently under construction or even almost complete and if the owners are unhappy with their present Managing Agent, now is the time to act.  We can assist the members and give advice on how to get their RMC to be returned to them, for residential control, so they can take over the management and then select their own Agent.  

It is important that the RMC is managed professionally for the owners, after all this is your investment and any Managing Agent, like Home From Home, should work for you and not line their own pockets with your money, for little return and poor management, which can quite often be the case.

In the past we have heard where some Managing Agents will always pay themselves first, before paying for insurance and urgent works on site, which we know frustrates the Lessees, particularly if their site is not compliant with current Legislation.