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Why should I use your service?
We are conveniently situated within Swindon and directly on the M4. This allows us easy access to most areas. We currently manage as far West as Cardiff and as far East as Essex.
Professional Block Management Solutions
Welcome to our website and we hope you find the information that you are looking for and if not, please do not hesitate to contact us, either by email or telephone on (01793) 740745, as we would be more than happy to assist you further with any problems you may have.

We have found that the majority of people looking at our website, are doing so because they are unhappy with their present Managing Agent and indeed a lot of Lessees have found, that in the present climate, whilst their salaries are staying stagnant, or even falling, their service charge is increasing year on year, causing further stress on already very tight finances.

As a Managing Agent, we are proud to be different.  We are a small independent Property Management Company that specialise in Block Management throughout the country.

We still answer all our telephones, so there are no annoying automated systems and we return all messages the same day they are received and all emails within 24 hours.  We like to think that we do business “the old fashioned way”, which is, we work for you the Lessees, after all it is you that pay our salary and our aim is to work very closely with Directors and Management Companies, to make sure that we both benefit, with a strong relationship, which then results in continuity and longevity, which will ultimately give confidence to the Lessees, knowing that their interests are at the forefront of any decisions we make.

All too often Managing Agents take on the role of looking after blocks of flats, without consideration and a sympathetic view of the very tenuous financial situation some Lessees find themselves in with the present climate, so it is even more important that Managing Agents listen to the voices of the Lessees and try, where possible, to keep them informed, so that there are no surprises and also help them to understand that their site can only run efficiently with their support, by way of paying their service charge, as and when demanded by their Managing Agent.