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If the Freehold is not owned by the MCL, each Leasehold property on the development is obliged to pay annual ground rent to the Freeholder of the land on which the property is built.

Often the Managing Agent will collect this on behalf of the Freeholder and account this money directly to them, however in some cases the Management Company, of which the Lessees are all members or shareholders actually own the Freehold themselves, in which case no ground rent is collected.


We hope that this information has been informative, we have tried to make it as simple as possible, whilst still covering all aspects of the management, however there is a lot of extra work required by your Managing Agent, which isn’t listed here and which we would be delighted to discuss with anyone in more detail, should anyone require and do remember we are only on the end of a phone, if you would like to get any further help or advice.