Professional Management Solutions

Why should I use your service?
We have a record of being asked to manage within companies with no working capital. Our record speaks for itself. In all cases so far, we have been able to return the companies to a profitable position. Our forte is collecting arrears, which, to date, has been done very successfully.
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At the beginning of each accounting year, we would produce a budget, with an estimated cost for running the site for that year.

It would include all works that are required on site, perhaps also a contingency and sinking fund and once this draft budget had been completed, it would be given to the Directors of the site, for their approval, prior to invoicing all of the Lessees.  The amount payable by each Lessee would be in accordance with their lease.

In our capacity as Managing Agents we ensure that the maintenance and repair of all the common parts of the buildings, the structures, estates, the grounds and any shared installations are carried out and completed, as and when required.  We also make sure that any certification required under Legislation is completed within the correct timescale.

Should any emergency occur outside office hours, we also run an emergency 24 hour helpline; this helpline is managed 365 days a year, 24 hours a day and these details are placed in every block, so everyone has our number to contact us, in an emergency.